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Welcome to Firebarn Ministries. 

  There are two types of fire. One is of good purpose the other destroys. Our calling is to bring both personal and corporate revival back to America. We believe that America needs a Revision of Revelation called (renewal of the mind) as well as a genuine experience of God's Presence!
Without a new vision, we dry up and become like a tinder box waiting on the match of the enemy. When you stop chasing Revision you are heading toward the opposite, Division! Years ago when lightning struck a farm, a Farmer's Barn would burn to the ground. Out of love, some good folk would gather around and help pick up the remains and build back the Barn that had been destroyed. 
Have you experienced Revision or Division? I believe the Church is the actual Barn for gathering in the days of Harvest .... which is now ripe and ready!

You may be attending one of the few Barns still standing strong, but what are you doing to help the many Churches that have been damaged by the fires of Division?

Today the harvest is great yet many of our Churches are full of wounded disillusioned people, the enemy has caused divisions and church splits over and over, leaders have left, the youth has left, Sunday school rooms and the nursery rooms sit empty. Even the well intentioned Pastors, who have watched all this take place, are falsely given the blame for the mess left behind!

This has mostly affected Traditional Baptist, Methodist, main stream denominations. Still many other churches have experienced this and are going through the process as we speak.

These battered destroyed Churches I am describing are all vital Barns of the Great Harvest.... and they must be rebuilt  and revived if entire cities are to be gathered to the Lord!

We Fight Fire with Fire!


Why not turn the tide?  What are you waiting for, there is no reason to let things continue and there is no shame in asking for help. There would only be shame on our part to not offer help too you, our neighbor and brother. We are Revivalist, Teachers, Worshipers,  and Godly Planners/Strategist.


  We can help you Revision and raise the Barn back  up. It is time to get back the zeal, get back the fire , and take back the fields around you that the enemy tried to steal. Your city needs you to walk in your calling and rebuild your Barn

That's where we can come along side and help.

Let us help you rebuild your Barn! We can revive your leaders and call out their hidden gifts. We can reattach the lightning rod and teach you what you need to know so never again will you be taken by surprise and allow the enemy tear you down .. ever again!

Let us help find your church's true vision for your community!

We can also share great Evangelism strategies to help your local Church reach out and connect with its community like never  before.

We believe that rebuilding Churches is the most needed ministry of the Kingdom today. It is definitely what we have been called to do!

Our meeting locations change when we are off helping someone in need but, we will make time to find you and meet with You.

We can meet with Pastor and leaders or your entire Church depending on your needs.

Let us help you find the Fire inside that will rebuild your Church!

Let the Firebarn Ignite you!

Our Mission is Not Impossible. 

Our mission is to Rebuild People and Churches so they can Transform Our Culture through the Power of Unity, Worship and Education

Unity : Networking, If Christians would work together and lay down differences and Pride and focus on the Gospel. Just imagine what we could do!

Worship : Imagine Freedom in worship with Love being lifted up by a people with out fear. just imagine what God would do!

Education : Imagine Educating people with the truth. We would not have people afraid of sharing God or being ashamed, of Prayer, Faith, Christian Morality, and the Supernatural.
Imagine the Church teaching what the public school system has failed to do. Imagine your church leading the way for this Nation to rise from the ashes of a system that promotes unbelief and denies God's very existence! Because you Rebuilt and brought in your harvest!

With Faith, All things are Possible!